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First Dab-A-Doo Colombia in Medellin

We are proud to anounce on the 30th of May the first Dab-A-Doo Columbia, Medelin. For more details please email us.

Cannabinoid Health Care

Medical practitioners are divided into two major groups: allopathic doctors and holistic healers. The allopathic tradition is a product of modernity, and uses laboratory approaches and isolated or synthesized alkaloids (mostly from plants) to force health by  removing and killing off any intruding microorganisms, cancers, failing organs.  It achieves this by introducing toxic levels of germ / cell killing substances into the body, cutting out, or irradiating tissues.  The notion that if a toxin is strong enough to kill invading

Hashish for Medical Use

]One Woman’s Work in the Use of Hashish in a Medical Context There are definite benefits to using hashish rather than marijuana, especially in a medical context.  If one looks at a marijuana flower under a microscope (20X) the bulk of what you see is the plant material with several thin pedestals on the surface.  Atop of each pedestal is a tiny clear resin gland.  This resin gland is the part of the flower that contains approximately 90% of the

Making Hash with Mila!

Red Eye Magazine 7/’99 On my most recent visit to Amsterdam I stopped in to visit with Mila, one of my favorite ladies, and winner of the Highlife Cannabis Cup, “Man!” of the Year Award. Mila, who runs the Pollinator Company, is almost single handedly responsible for the development of “Scuff” in Holland, due mainly to her invention, “The Pollinator”, a tumble dryer type device that removes the resin glands from dried cannabis leaves. While we sat drinking tea, a