Due to a lack of good hash in all the coffeeshops we started making our own hash over screens, till on a stoned night standing in front of my clothes dryer I realized the clothes were doing the same as what we were doing manually. The next day the first Pollinator ever got put together and it worked!! So what with gardens not being such a reliably source of income I put 2300 Euros in to build the first three Pollinators.
The first Pollinator was unveiled by Rob Clarke during the High Times Cup of ’94. The first ever mechanical tool to help separate crystals from plant matter. For thousands of years this had always been done manually.
After those first three we built five and so on and slowly our company grew. What we put on the market was so new.
Now it is many years later and we still sell Pollinators, Ice-O-Lators, a simple bag system I invented in ’98 and the Bubbleators that came on the market in ’05.
To help choose which method you want to use: the Pollinator retains all the terpines and will therefore smell and taste more fragrant than the Ic-O-Lator and Bubbleator products, using water and ice, these tend to be stronger.