8 Ton Press

8 Ton Hydraulic Press
Included are a solid steel frame, removable mold platform, and 8 ton car jack

Not included are press molds or cellophane

*Molds to combine with this press are the 100 or 200 gr. molds

*Also recommended is our natural cellophane to wrap and press with


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8 Ton Hydraulic Press

Ideal for pressing small to intermediate amounts

Durable solid steel frame
Powerful 8 Ton Car Jack
Manually operated – no electricity required!

Dimensions (WxDxH): 23 x 8 x 44 cm
Weight: 14 kg


In addition to using this press for your trichomes, you can also combine it with heating plates in order to transform it into a rosin press

Be sure to have a look at our press molds and biological breathable cellophane in accessories product category.