Bubbleator® B-Quick 2 Bag Set (Outdoor) [BUDGET]

 Bubbleator® 2 bag budget set
– Bubbleator® B-Quick top-loading mini-washer
– thermometer
– pyramid bag 220μm (holds ~400g dry plant material)
– filter bag 185μm
– crystal catching bag 45μm



Bubbleator® B-Quick Machine +
Included accessories:

– thermometer
– 220 μm pyramid bag for inside the machine (holds ~400 g dry plant material)
– 185 μm filter bag
– 45 μm crystal catching bag

Not included: 20 l/5 gal bucket

The 185 μm/45 μm set is suitable for rapid processing, particularly for material with overall smaller crystals (e.g. outdoor material )


The Bubbleator® is the latest development from Mila’s Pollinator Company. It has a 400 gram capacity and is geared towards professional intensive use and a rapid turnover.
Additionally this setup is compact and discreet. It is light and can be transported quickly with the built in handles.
Moreover, it features a drive system that invokes motion of the plant material through non-intrusive means.

In other words: You can process material quickly and with ease, while your yield of high quality product is higher than compared to the same ice extraction method without a machine.

For more information and instructions, please check our Manuals.

Please note:
In most plant material a number of crystals are smaller than 45 micron (μm), so you may loose a part of your potential product if you do not utilize an additional bag for catching mini-crystals.
If your material carries many large crystals, the 45 μm bag may become somewhat clogged, leading to inconveniently long draining periods.