Bubbleator® XL Expansion Kit

Bubbleator® XL Expansion Kit

– Bubbleator® XL top-loading large washer
– Pyramid Bag XL 220 μm for inside the machine (holds ~1000 g dry plant material)
– Thermometer



Bubbleator® XL machine
Included accessories:

– Thermometer
– 220 μm Pyramid Bag XL for inside the machine (holds ~1000 g dry plant material)

Not included: 75 l/20 gal bucket (50 cm diameter max.) or any Medium Iceolator® filter bags

STANDARD WITH EU PLUG (and requires 220 volt)

The large machine for those who already have the Medium Iceolator® filter bags!

Throw your plant material into the washing bag, secure the zipper, put the bag into the machine with lots of ice and water, turn on and sit back.
After a while, drain the machine through the Ice-O-Lator® bags and collect your product.
Repeat with the same washing bag and the still cold water for different qualities.

The NEW MODEL!! Bubbleator® XL is the latest development from Mila’s Pollinator Company.
It has a 1000 gram capacity and is geared towards professional intensive use and a rapid turnover.
Additionally, features a drive system that invokes motion of the plant material through non-intrusive means.


For more information and instructions, please check our Manuals.