Extra drum for Pollinator® P500
[70 micron]

70µm Extra Drum for Pollinator® P500

Holds ~500 g plant material
Screen: 70 micron




220 µm Extra Drum for Pollinator® P5000

Holds ~500 g plant material
Screen: 70 micron

Our Pollinator® functions as a sieve – plant material is retained within the drum, while all the resin glands are allowed to pass through the screen.

To obtain the highest quality Dry Sift while maintaining a high yield, your screen size is wider than the largest crystals in your plant material.
The size of resin glands can vary widely from plant to plant and depends on many genetic and environmental factors.


We can always equip additional drums with the micron size of your choice (45µm for cleaning the end product).
Simply get in touch with us for customized parts.