Ice-O-Lator® Drying Machine

Drying Machine
Circulates unheated air. Heated is also possible for use with fruit and similar foods.
5 trays and 45µm fitted screens included.



Drying Machine

Very useful freestanding model for drying your products in minimum time.
5 Trays included.

NEW! Now with fitted 45µm re-usable drying screens

Modified Food Dehydrator, circulates air at ambient temperature.

Ideal in combination with Ice-O-Lator® bags or with bags and the Bubbleator®.

In addition to speeding up the drying process, this machine also saves space.
You can stack your product on trays and do not need large surfaces to spread it out.
Moreover, the setup will protect against dust contamination while drying.

If you heat your product for rapid drying it will oxidize and become noticeably darker.
Our drying rack functions by circulating unheated air, so you do not have any discoloration while the drying process is still accelerated.

The fitted sheets of 45µm screen will hold your product while allowing air to pass through. You can re-use the screens and, if necessary, clean them with alcohol.

Dimensions: 34x33x27 cm
Weight: 2,5 kg