Large Ice-O-Lator® 25 Micron (Super-Mini Crystals)

Capacity: ~1500 g dry plant material

The giant among Ice-O-Lator® bags.


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Large Ice-O-Lator® 25 Micron

Bag diameter: 80 cm
Crystal catching bag

190 l/50 gal bucket required (not included)

If you do not want to waste a single resin gland, this is the bag for you!

The 25 µm bag is an excellent addition for your existing water and ice crystal separation set. It will enable you to achieve the highest possible yield by collecting even the smallest trichomes.

Please note that this bag drains rather slowly. Due to its exceedingly small screen size it takes some time for water to pass through. Moreover, the 25 micron bag potentially catches dust particles and very small plant fragments along with the super-mini crystals.