Large Ice-O-Lator® 90 Micron (Supersized Crystals)

Capacity: ~1500 g dry plant material

The giant among Ice-O-Lator® bags.


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Large Ice-O-Lator® 90 Micron

Bag diameter: 80 cm
Crystal catching bag

190 l/50 gal bucket required (not included)

Provided that you work with plant material with overall large trichomes (mostly indoor) this bag is for you. Seeing that the 90 μm bag adds another degree of separation in the larger crystal range, it is ideal for such material.

90 μm will often catch the highest amount of active ingredients per weight, as it collects the large and mature trichomes.

This bag makes an excellent addition to your existing Large Ice-O-Lator® Set, giving you an extra quality category.