Medium Dry Ice bag

Capacity: ~500 g dry plant material
150 μm(1 bag)
Diameter: 50 cm

75 l /20 gal bucket required (not included)




150 micron (1 bag)

Diameter: 50 cm
Capacity: ~500 g
75 l /20 gal bucket required (not included)

This is the Dry-Ice system, suitable for up to 500 grams of dried plant material. Equipped with a 150 μm screen.

Dry Ice means super-rapid trichome collection.

The process is ideal for quickly reducing a large volume of leaf into a small volume of product.
Please be aware, however, that dry ice extractions tend to yield a rather green and still somewhat contaminated product.

Place bag in a bucket,
add 500 g dried material,
add 4 to 5 kg dry ice,

Tip any material that already passed into the bucket back into the bag,
hold the top of bag and carefully shake up & down over a flat surface.
After 1 minute collect your product and repeat for second, third etc quality.



Pro tip:
Use a large or long flat surface and shake either in a spiral or in long lines. This way the different qualities will automatically separate.
Dry-Ice crystal separation takes place at extremely low temperatures (below −78.5°C /−109.3°F), meaning that your plant material becomes quite brittle and easily shatters into small particles.
You will be able to see a quality gradient with the bare eye, as the color of your product will become more and more green the longer you shake.