Travel Ice-O-Lator® 120 Micron Bag

120 micron (1 extra bag)
Diameter: 15 cm
Filter/crystal catching bag



120 micron (1 extra Travel Bag)

Diameter: 15 cm
Filter/crystal catching bag

3 l/0.8 gal jug required (not included)

This bag is ideal for those who have a little bit more experience with the Ice-O-Lator® system. And for those who wish to adjust their Bag Set to specific requirements of their plant material.

The product obtained from this bag depends on the plant material you are working with:
If your overall crystal size is very large, you will catch the biggest and most mature resin glands in the 120 μm bag.
If, on the other hand, your overall trichome size is on the smaller end, the 120 micron bag collects mostly trichome stalks (non-active part of the resin gland) and plant contaminants, thereby ensuring top quality in any subsequent crystal catching bag.