Travel Ice-O-Lator® 70 Micron Bag

70 micron (1 extra bag)
Diameter: 15 cm
Crystal catching bag



70 micron (1 extra Travel Bag)

Diameter: 15 cm
Crystal catching bag

3 l/0.8 gal jug required (not included)

Part of our original ice water extraction set.

The 70 micron screen bag hits what is considered the “sweet spot” of trichome collection. In most plant material, the majority of mature resin glands are in the range of 70-100 micron.
This means that you will obtain the highest proportion of resin glands compared to potential contaminants if you collect crystals in this range.

As trichome size is also an indicator of maturity of the resin glands, you are most likely to collect the prime quality of your product in the 70 micron bag.