Travel Ice-O-Lator® 8 Bag Set [PRO]

Capacity: ~25 g dry plant material
Diameter: 15 cm
– working bag 220 μm
– filter bag 185 μm
– crystal catching bag 120 μm
– crystal catching bag 90 μm
– crystal catching bag 70 μm
– crystal catching bag 45 μm
– crystal catching bag 38 μm
– crystal catching bag 25 μm


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Travel Ice-O-Lator® 8 Bag Set (PRO)

Bag diameter: 15 cm
Working bag (220 μm) holds ~25 g dry plantmaterial

3 l/0.8 gal jug required (not included)

This is the Travel edition of our complete Ice-O-Lator® system, suitable for up to 25 grams of dried plant material.
The set includes a 220, 185, 120, 90, 70, 45, 38 and a 25 micron screen bag.
This equipment will give you a maximum six degrees of quality/crystal size separation of your end product.

If you wish to explore the process of making Ice-O-Lator® to the fullest, this is the set for you!

With a choice from these screen sizes, you can perfectly adjust the set you are using to the specific requirements of your plant material. Depending on your material, trichomes may be generally smaller or larger.
If your trichomes are overall rather large, you can separate qualities of bigger crystals (120, 90 & 70 μm).
Should your material have overall smaller crystals, you can separate qualities  in the mini crystal ranges (45, 38 & 25 μm).
In case of small crystals you can furthermore use 185 μm and/or 120 μm as additional filters besides the 220 μm bag.

For additional information and instructions, please check our Manuals.


Pro tip:
Keep your water at or below 4°C (39.2°F), as it is the densest and therefore most effective in removing resin glands at this temperature.
The absolute prime quality is achieved by slowly and carefully stirring.
As the quality of your product declines as you continue to stir the plant material, we recommend working your material in several rounds to obtain separate batches with a quality gradient.